APAA - Assessment


Assessment at OSU

Assessment at Oregon State University is committed to facilitating continuous improvement of undergraduate and graduate student learning by creating an institutional culture of Student Learning Outcome (SLO) based assessment and developing a shared vision involving faculty, students, and administrators.

Our mission is to support all academic departments/units and academic support units in their efforts at SLO based assessment to enhance the quality of all educational programs. Oregon State University is committed to providing our students with the best learning opportunities through student learning outcomes based assessment and pertinent improvements.

Guiding Principles for Student Learning Outcomes based Assessment

  • It  is an ongoing process and embedded throughout the University
  • It includes transparent, and credible evidence to guide improvements
  • Effective strategies are in place to showcase SLO based assessment in the University

To help achieve its mission, the Office of Assessment is committed to:

  • Developing and maintaining University wide assessment plans for all programs
  • Facilitating effective communication and training programs for faculty
  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting  assessment data
  • Ensuring compliance with Accreditation and other regulations and requirements


University Assessment Contacts (PDF)

Assessment Reporting Timeline

Assessment Reporting Timeline for all Academic and Academic Support Units